About PicLet

PicLet is me – Kay Morton. I have been creating logos and brochures and other bits of visual communications off and on for years. Lots of them.

I have also been taking photos for years. I think I got my first camera when I was about ten.  It looked like this:

and the flash bulbs looked liked this: 

You didn’t need any batteries because you wound the film on manually. With your thumb. Now thumbs spend a lot more time texting. 

Fortunately the camera I have now is better than my first one.

I am a Canon girl. Have been since I used my first SLR. It was a film camera. Nothing against Nikon, I just never got around to trying one. I hear they’re good too. 🙂

Canon slr

I am now using a Fujifilm mirrorless camera. It is small and looks a bit like a film camera from the 60s. 

I wasn’t particular good at drawing and painting at school, although I really wanted to be.  In fact, I was pretty terrible. But I was good at the designing stuff. Balance. Colour. Shape. And then putting it all together with words… that’s what makes it really fun.

It’s all about the message.
What you are trying to say to the person you are communicating with.

Do they get your message?
Do they like your message?
Does it resonate with them?